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. >> catherine: hundreds of people marched through santa rosa today. saying they want justice for andy lopez. two rallies merged into one on the campus of santa rosa junior college. then the group marched across town to the headquarters of the sonoma county sheriff's department. >> reporter: a very emotional night at santa rosa. we're talking about hundreds of people march showed up at the church for in the lopez and they'd just wrapped up in the last half an hour. you can see in this video shot the casket of and the lopez holding his body. his family surrounding the casket. people are entering the church and coming out of the church this evening. they are saying their goodbyes to the 13 year-old who was shot by the deputy last week. emotions here ran high. >> (crying) as a mother and i would hope that things would change in the community i will i really feel sorry for his mother. >> when i saw him come out of the car is heartbreaking you know? i had to lead it was very hard to justin and there. had to leave. the poor >> reporter: 10 live in santa rosa j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> catherine: protes
has been seen. >> catherine: tonight, we're learning more about how 13 year old andy lopez was killed by a sheriff's deputy in santa rosa. >> reporter:hundreds of people gathered again for another rally in his honor.. kron 4's charles clifford is in santa rosa and has the latest. >> reporter:on wednesday afternoon, hundreds of people rallied in santa rosa, demanding justice for the death of 13-year-old andy lopez. >> reporter:meanwhile new details have emerged into exactly what happened that fatefull day here along moorland avenue. >> reporter:the santa rosa police department and petaluma police are investigating the shooting and they confirmed on wednesday that two deputies confronted andy lopez, but that only one...deputy erik gelhous.. fired his weapon. the other deputy, a trainee, was driving the patrol car and by the time he exited the vehicle, lopez had already been shot. >> reporter:we have also learned that a witness may have been driving just ahead of the patrol car and spotted lopez moments before the deputies did. >> he rolled out to them out his window and yelled that the
deputy who shot and killed 13-year old andy lopez last week in santa rosa. the deputy is 48-year-old erick gelhaus. he's a 24-year veteran of the sheriff's office - and is a field training officer and firearms instructor. he and another deputy were on patrol when they spotted lopez with what turned out to be a replica ak-47. several agencies are investigating - including the f.b.i. community leaders are planning a march tomorrow in santa rosa to demand more information. >> a 3-alarm fire in san francisco's mission district damaged four buildings and forced evacuations today. it broke out today in a 2- story building on valencia street. the fire spread to other buildings - including a pilates studio. because the buildings are so closely packed together here, when firefighters arrived -- the fire was upgraded to three alarms almost immediately. they called a three alarm. >> we had approximately 100 fire fighters on scene here. they were able to prevent it from spreading any further than the buildings on either side and the one behind it >> catherine: no one was injured.but half a
: the family of andy lopez is suing the sonoma county sheriff's office. the 13-year-old was shot and killed by >> catherine: a deputy -- erick gelhaus. the lawsuit says in part that the department did not properly train its deputies in using deadly force. gelhaus shot lopez october 22nd after he reported seeing the teenager carrying an assault rifle -- which turned out to be a replica. >> catherine: happening now -- >> catherine: two of bart's unions have been voting on a new contract deal - that ended a strike earlier this month. they'll be doing that until around 10-pm - and the results could be in late tonight. kron4's philippe djegal is live in oakland where voting is still underway. philippe? >> i bolted yes. we were seized if their pay raise and were promised better safety. >> reporter: union leaders said the small turnout says that in simple majority vote is needed. the president of that union confirms that a boat is being held tonight. >> the vote is the board to vote yes and then the contract passes. going into effect immediately i believe. >> reporter: union leaders say the result
of 13-year-old andy lopez plans to file a civil rights lawsuit monday against sonoma county. lopez is the 13-year-old shot and killed by a deputy.who spotted him carrying an assault rifle, which turned out to be a replica. the family claims that deputy erick gelhaus shot lopez without cause. and says the department did not properly train deputies in such situations. the county has not commented. we'll continue to follow the case. the family's attorney has scheduled a news conference for monday. you can get updates on our facebook and twitter pages, on kron four-dot-com, and on our new mobile app. >> parking area. germany and brazil are privacy. they're asking the u-n general assembly to adopt a draft resolution calling for an end to excessivethe draft notes that the highly intrusive act." voted on later this month. it follows allegations that the u-s spied on foreign leaders -- including brazil's president and the chancellor of germany. >> we have clear conditions for tonight. over the mount tam the camera is shaking a bit. this weather system that pushed through tonight. nearly 3
, that they are unaware of. the family of 13-year-old andy lopez will face a civil rights lawsuit against sonoma county tomorrow. lopez is the 13-year-old shot and killed by a deputy, spotted him carrying what looked like an assault rifle. the family claims, deputy eric gillhouse shot lopez without cause. the department didn't properly train deputies in such situations. the county is not commenting. >>> a robbery suspect will be arraigned after an officer- involved shooting. and ronald was charged with attempted robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. nev aros set up craig's list fans. last week, they were shot by police before being arrested. connecticut judge scheduled a hearing on arguments, whether he has authority to release michael skakel. cousin of the kennedys from prison. skakel is awaiting a new trial in the 1925 slaying of neighbor. judge says skakel was not adequately represented in 2002, when he was found guilty of killing skakel with a golf club. >>> they are rejected nsa leaker, snowden of clemency. no officers or offers are being discussed. snowden should return to the u.s. and face c
. >> reporter: a traditional aztec dance was a part of andy lopez's memorial --- where they also prayed for men, women, elders and children. >> he had goals and dreams that someone took away from him. he had a life to live, and he was only allowed to live 13 years. that's hard. >> reporter: hundreds of people poured through to pay their respectsthere were flowers, rest in peace signs on cars and t-shirts a sea of mourners wore white shirts with photos of andy embedded on them. the teen's father was understandably shaken , but a famly friend tells us the 13 year old and his siblings are good children that were raised well. >> the kids are not bad kids. they're students, beautiful kids. the latin people are very concerned at this moment. >> andy was a very laid back guy, funny, outgoing, he was just nice to be around >> we never thought this would happen actually. we're all so young and it happened so quick. >> reporter: alecia reid, kron 4 news. a friend of the family tells us they've been getting a lot of requests from people in the community about ways they can donate to andy's funeral. they t
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7